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Who We’ve Worked With



Onni is one of our clients whose diverse construction portfolio consists of master-planned and mixed-use communities, high- and low-rise condominiums, shopping centres, industrial parks, and office buildings. We had the opportunity to work on the project named Residences at Freemont Village. It was a carefully done project and was completed with resilience and coordination.



Sawchuck's work spans industrial, commercial, and residential projects. Edgeline had the opportunity to work on the project Fraserview Phase 2 and 3. It could be easily said that our team stood aligned with the client's commitment to excellence.



At Caliber Projects, they have a strong foundation that is built on relationships, precision, transparency and efficiency. Edgeline firmly met with the criterion when we partnered on the project, Latimer PH 1. We collaborated closely to ensure their vision became a reality. We’re proud of the work we did with this client, and are looking forward to tackling more projects together.



Driven by a passion for detail and a tradition of excellence in design and architecture, Amacon has been satisfied with the results of our collaboration. The project that we partnered on is Sunrise Apartments, which is still going as strong as it started. The level of efficiency and specification of work has been one of our highlights of working with them.


The collaboration between Edgeline and Mosaic had been on point as none of us cut corners. So far, we have worked together on three projects namely Victoria Lot 2, Bonson Townhomes and Gardner Living Rental Apartments. Since our founding, we've tracked all our clients' unique project needs and made sure they get the outcome they were after.



Built upon a solid foundation of knowledge and experience, Syncra Construction offers a unique portfolio of mixed use, commercial, residential, institutional, public realm, and First Nations projects. The partnership between Edgeline and Syncra started with the project "The Windsor". So far, we have managed the project with flexibility and a passion for success, and will continue to do so.

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We have just started our most recent project, Realco Apartments, with CPM and it is turning out to be an amazing opportunity of finding new ways of collaboration. The teams from both the sides have established an efficient way to keep the communication flowing. We look forward to working with them again in the near future.

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