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Edgeline specializes in commercial, and multifamily residential steel stud, insulation and GWB services.
We are a fully licensed and insured wall and ceiling contractor serving the Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island and The Okanagan.

Our Areas of Expertise


Drywall Installation

With the right materials and specialized labor, we provide top quality professional drywall repair and installation services that are ideal to make your place safe and secure.


Drywall Taping

As an experienced company in Drywall Taping, we have the right techniques, appropriate tools and patience to ace a 
flawless finish.



Combining the superior quality of sound insulating with an unmatched expertise of installation specialist, we minimize vibrations that will result in disrupting the flow of sound

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Steel Stud Framing

(Interior & Exterior)

With over a decade of experience in framing walls in residential or commercial buildings, we have the knowledge & experience to make you space more robust, durable and better able to endure elements.


Batt Insulation

(Mineral Fibre & Fibreglass)

Fairly inexpensive and easy to install, Batt Insulation is one of the most popular forms. Having the right people install it for you is just as important as the quality of materials to make it effective, energy efficient, and long lasting.


Wood Ceilings

With distinctive wood grain patterns of ceiling planks, we bring cozy comfort to a modern-rustic design, refined elegance to Tudor-inspired style, or simply a touch of natural texture to a contemporary space.

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Acoustical Ceiling Tiles

 We're committed to providing you with sound control solutions that positively affect your space. With Acoustical Ceiling Tiles, we can help your space absorb, block or even diffuse sound.


Exterior GWB Sheathing

Using a specialized performance panel consisting of a noncombustible, moisture-resistant core wrapped in fiberglass facers on both the front and back surfaces and long edges, we help exterior walls resist air, water and noise infiltration

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Spray Foam

Single largest advancement in Green Energy, the professionals at Edgeline have hands-on experience with Spray Foam and know how to create a powerful airtight seal.

A decade of


We provide materials of the highest standards, and we provide our services with professionalism and integrity. Projects are completed on spec, time, and within the given budget. We not only meet our customers’ needs, we tend to exceed in their expectations. Our team of experts consist of craftsmen and professionals who have years of experience, and as such are knowledgeable and highly skilled.

We provide drywall and insulation services to many of Lower Mainland's reputable General Contractors and Developers, who have been our customers since our inception over 13 years ago. Our commitment to our customers and our craft is the reason why Edgeline Drywall Systems Ltd is one of the Lower Mainland's leading drywall, taping and insulation companies.



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